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Advice on Flossing and cleaning between your teeth. Do I need to floss?

Advice on Flossing and cleaning between your teeth.

All too often we find that patients don’t floss or clean between their teeth, for no other reason than they think brushing alone is enough.

We should all be brushing for a minimum of twice a day for two minutes, but what else do you need to be doing?


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Why do I need to floss/or clean between my teeth?


Do I need to floss?

Cleaning between your teeth and below the gum line is essential to ensure you have removed all plaque and particles of food.

To be able to access these areas, we advise using floss or another interdental aid, to reach areas that our regular toothbrush cannot reach.


What interdental aids are on the market?




Tepe brushes

Wisdom Clean between sticks

Single tufted wisdom toothbrush



How do I know what aid to use?

You will need to visit your dentist and get a recommendation for the best interdental aid to suit you.  It is efficient when the appropriate aid and proper size are used with the correct technique.

When should I start to floss/aids?

We advise to start at a young age but most times around the age of 12. The best advice is to do it every time you brush but even if you can manage once a day this will help.

It can be hard to master the technique we do advise you to try looking in a mirror to ensure that you reach the gaps in every tooth.

A parent may need to help their child to ensure safe and correct usage.


How do I use interdental brushes/aids?

It is always best to talk to your dentist but here is a link to Oral B’S site which offers great tips and guides

Why Oral-B Floss? | Oral-B (

Contact us on 01273 4184o4 to book in to see our hygienist to receive more great advice on interdental cleaning.