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Is it possible for me to benefit from dental implants?



First of all, what is a dental implant?

Dental implants are now the most sought-after solution to the problem of lost teeth.

Often to avoid dentures.

They are already a routine everyday treatment and are offered by the majority of dentists worldwide. The implantation is associated with certain requirements, the most important of which is enough bone.

Are you missing one or more teeth?

If you answered yes, you might benefit from dental implants.

They are designed to replace the tooth root as well as the visible portion of the tooth. Unlike other replacement options, implants help stimulate the jawbone, creating a viable atmosphere for bone regeneration.

When applicable, Dr.Boji recommends dental implants to restore lost teeth. Dr. Boji has a very comprehensive knowledge of placing implants which means Boundary Implant Centre is here to offer a solution for missing teeth.


What is the process for placing dental implants?

Many patients are often concerned that the process will be a painful painful one. Of course, it would be wrong for us to say you will not experience any pain we like to say discomfort only as you would expect with any surgical procedure.

Dr. Boji will of course begin by placing local anesthesia so you cannot feel the work as it is carried out, you will be aware of it but not in pain. Once Dr. Boji has administered the aesthetic, he will then perform the following basic steps:

1)The first step is we need to create an access point in the gum line to reach the underlying jawbone area.
2) This is where we then are able to attach the titanium screw to the jawbone, which then forms the base of the dental implant.
3) Following the above we then need to allow the jawbone time to grow around the metal base and fuse naturally with the implant, which can take a few months.
4) After step 3 has been successful we attach an abutment to the titanium screw after the bone has completed its regrowth process, which serves to keep the final dental crown or other tooth restoration in place.
5)Allow your gums to heal and improve their health for a few weeks prior to placing the dental restoration.
6)Create a detailed impression of your smile to serve as a guide for the creation of the restoration.
7) Place it on the implant so that it looks natural and matches well with your surrounding teeth.

Depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced, the overall process can take a few weeks or months to achieve final completion.




Dental implants offer several advantages over other traditional methods of tooth replacement.

  • Appear and function as the natural teeth
  • Reduces the appearance of facial sagging, due to missing teeth
  • Improved speech and bite
  • Reduces bone loss and additional tooth loss
  • Promotes bone growth in the jaw
  • Does not require any food limitation
  • High success rate

DENTAL IMPLANTS At Boundary Implant Centre

If you would like to explore the endless benefits that dental implants have to offer, Dr. Boji can walk you through the entire implant process and determine if they are right for your needs.

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