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Common questions we get asked. Do I need to floss?

What are the most common questions dentists get asked ?

What did we ever do before the world had ‘Google’?  we just asked the dentist face to face!

So, what are the most common questions we get asked?


Why is it important that we go to the dentist?

Oral Cancer Detection – this is a serious issue that effects many people and if often not detectable by the patient

To prevent cavities, plaque and gum disease tartar build-up is inevitable, regardless of how well you brush your teeth and small cavities that you are unaware of can become big issues if left untreated.

To have radiographs taken to detect problems that are under the surface

Simply to Have a smile you’re proud of! Get rid of stains and yellow teeth by getting your teeth cleaned.

 Prevention If you go to the dentist once a year for a check-up and clean you’re far less likely to need high cost treatments


How often should I see the dentist?

People with good healthy teeth and little risk or history of cavities or gum disease are usually able to see their dentist either once or twice a year. People with a high risk of gum disease/decay  might need to visit every three or four months, or more depending on past history, the state of their teeth and their dental hygiene routine.

Do we need to rinse after brushing?

No rinsing is not advised, not rinsing leaves a protective layer of flouride on your teeth.

Should I use a mouthwash?

Each case is individual and there are special mouthwashes out there for certain gum issues but first, good brushing is key.

Do you loose teeth due to pregnancy, do babies take calcium from Mum ?

There is a saying “have a baby loose a tooth” Calcium is not taken from the teeth during  pregnancy. If calcium intake is too low, mum will lose calcium from her bones. Good self-care and extra oral care is advised during pregnancy, you may need extra visits during your pregnancy.

Getting a dental check-up during pregnancy is safe. We recommend you have your teeth cleaned and get procedures like cavity fillings done before your baby is born.


Do I need to do floss?

 Yes, yes yes, see it as cleaning under your nails, dirt and food needs to be removed from in between your teeth.

If you leave food and debris in between your teeth it will cause gum disease and tooth loss

There are many types of aids on the


When should I start to take my child to the dentist?


41% of children in England did NOT see their dentist last year | Daily Mail Online
It is recommended that your child should have their first check-up at around one year of age. To be able to get then used to coming in is the most important thing, and to start to talk to them about the dentist being a fun place. It is important not to impart any of your fears onto them


 I am breast feeding is it safe to visit the dentist ?

Treatments are safe for breastfeeding.
Most medications are considered compatible with breastfeeding.


I have a cold sore, why can’t I go to the dentist?


Many people think they are the only ones bothered by a cold sore, but the virus is contagious. Cold sores are spread through touching. Even though a dentist wears gloves, it is still possible to pass on this highly contagious virus. Since it is most contagious right before the blister forms and while the blister is present, it is important to avoid the dentist.


I am worried, do I need my tooth taken out?

Tooth Extraction: Cost, Procedure, Risks, and Recovery


We will never remove your  teeth unless absolutely necessary. Dentists do often need to remove teeth but if it can be avoided whilst providing the best overall outcome then they will try to avoid it. This is why we say prevention, regular check-ups and cleaning.

Dentists may need to remove teeth in situations involving advanced gum disease or gum infection, problematic wisdom teeth, tooth decay, infection, crowded teeth or tooth trauma.

When trauma or decay damages a tooth, your dentist will attempt to fix it, usually with a filling or crown. In some cases, a tooth can be damaged beyond repair, in these instances tooth extraction becomes necessary.

We hope that helps answer your common questions about the dentist, it you have more to ask, we are here to put your mind at rest.


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