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How to reduce dental anxiety in children



Are your children/child scared of the dentist?

We always like to help to reduce dental anxiety in children.

It can be a common problem – and one that needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible, having said this we do find that the fears are far less now than they were years ago.

Regular dental check-ups are crucial to their oral health, and it is important to instil good dental care and oral hygiene habits from an early age.

Here we offer a few tips to help overcome dental anxiety in children:

1) Preparation

Make sure that you talk to your child from a young age about the dentist and make brushing their teeth fun.

You can introduce the dental visit process via books and the internet.

Lots of little bits of information will create an impression of it being fun rather than taking them along to a place with strange faces and equipment.

2) ) Start dental visits at a young age

The earlier a child takes their first trip to the dentist, the better.

we normally advised around 18- months – 2 years but no later, if you are caring for their teeth well and they have no issues.

We say bring them along with you just to get them used to the surgery but not to see you sit in the chair and have anything done to start with.

3) Your fears.

The greatest gift you can give your child is to leave your fears to one side, most fears are learnt, we find that most fears adults have is linked to ” old school dentist days” or a bad experience.

Our children are not born scared of things.

it is important that you are happy with your dentists before you take your child along.

4) Tell them what to expect

With the preparation step they should know now what will happen at their check-up and you can answer their questions as honestly as possible.

Show them pictures of the practice and dentist and try to offer a clear explanation – such as “this is Dr Boji and he will check your smile and count your teeth”.

and finally, keep their visits regular and their diet healthy, low sugar.

Alongside this good cleaning at home, all of this will help care for their teeth and reduce the need for treatments.

Keeping their visits simple will keep fears at bay.