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Implants v Dentures?

Many years ago we only ever had the choice of having dentures if all of our teeth were removed.

Nowadays most of you can have the choice to have implants or dentures.

Dentures do work very well for many people but there for many others, it is not something they can tolerate or wish to embark on.

It is a mistake to think that tooth loss comes with age, this is not always the case.

There are many people and of all ages that have gum disease and have missing teeth, placing an implant helps fill the spaces with minimal impact on the surrounding teeth.

The image we show in the article is a full arch fixed bridge implant just to highlight what is possible if you have good bone health and are without natural teeth


Full arch fixed implant-supported bridge

First, the dentist will place the dental implants. The dental implants now become the missing teeth and act as the roots for a fixed bridge to be placed.

What is the main reason to choose full arch implant bridges?

  • Full arch  implant bridges are the only fixed alternative in situations where there are no remaining natural teeth
  • No need to remove dentures, these are permanently fixed in place 
  • A long-lasting solution especially in the lower jaw
  • Full arch implant bridges are a great fixed alternative in situations where there are no remaining natural teeth.
  • This option leaves you with a smile that not only looks natural but is fixed in place so will always feel like your own teeth.