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The dangers of energy drinks

The Dangers of Energy Drinks

It has been reported that that almost one in four British adults admit they rely on energy drinks to get through the day.


The statistics show that one in ten said they have an energy drink at least once a day but worryingly 25–34-year-olds admit to drinking up to 3 per day. ( as advised by the Oral Health Foundation)


Why is this bad?


We looked at Energy drinks and they contain up to 55 grams of sugar! which is equivalent to 14 teaspoons of sugar! Can you imagine sitting down and eating that?


This is twice as much as the recommended daily allowance!


It has been shown by research that it takes around just 5 days for the enamel to start eroding after energy drink consumption.


That is not the only concern these drinks are often also very acidic and have a devastating effect on oral health.


What will happen?


When you have a dependence on energy drinks this will very quickly lead to severe oral health problems such as tooth decay and erosion. Once teeth are eroded and decay forms you can never go back from this, it is permanent damage and lifelong care will be needed.


Having this level of sugar in your diet will also add to health concerns. The reason it will destroy teeth is, foods that contain sugars of any kind can contribute to tooth decay.


When teeth are not cleaned after eating, plaque bacteria present in the mouth will use the sugar to produce acids, this acid then attacks the hard surface of the tooth(enamel)


After a while, tooth decay occurs. When teeth come in frequent contact with drinks with added sugars, the risk of decay increases.


Taking this back to energy drinks is so significant, having this as part of your day will gradually destroy your tooth enamel.


When your tooth enamel is damaged, you have no layers of protection, this is when we can Serious dental problems arise. This can present as pain and discomfort when you eat certain foods. Leading to possible tooth loss over long periods of time.


What should I do?


Cut down……….. and even better stop.


If you do drink energy drinks, it’s advised to rinse your mouth out with water or chew gum. To avoid the acid spreading on teeth surfaces and causing erosion, it is advised to wait an hour to brush teeth after drinking sports and energy drinks.