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What is Gum Disease?

I have been told I have gum disease, how can it be treated?


What is Gum disease?


This link to the NHS website is a great source for explaining what gum disease is in more detail


It is worth saying that we all have elements of gum disease but there are stages to it and some people do have it worse than others.


Advanced gum disease can be made worse by poor oral hygiene and neglected dental visits and if you smoke, you will be adding to the problem.


Some reports suggest it can be (partly) hereditary.


This is why living a healthy lifestyle and regular visits to your dentist are very important.


Prevention is much better than cure.



What can I do if I have advanced gum disease?


 You can seek the advice of a periodontologist; this is a dental professional who offers deep scaling and cleaning to help reduce the gum pockets and inflammation caused by gum disease. This is not a cure, it is much more about keeping the condition in control. You will normally attend for regular visits over a period of a few months and then attend the hygienist for maintenance treatments.



What can Boundary Implant Centre offer you?


Laser gum surgery is a way to treat gum disease. Dr. Boji uses lasers instead of traditional scalers and possible surgical treatments..thereby not requiring your gums to be cut like with traditional gum surgery.

The result is a less invasive treatment that heals faster and is less painful than traditional therapy.

Lasers can be used for a range of dental treatments, which include:

Melanin gum pigmentation removal, ulcer treatments, frenectomy + gingivectomy, treatment of peri-implantitis, and even cavity preparations-fillings.

In gum disease treatment a dental laser (we use the Doctor Smile Erbium and Diode laser) is used to target infected gum tissue, removing it from around the tooth to allow the root to be cleaned, removing bacteria and calculus.

The laser helps to decontaminate the tooth and stimulate the body’s natural healing response, for faster, more effective treatment. It is used to smooth the root surface, removing rough edges that bacteria can cling to and helping to prevent future infections. Laser treatment is also used to stimulate tissue regeneration including bone, periodontal, gingival, and hard tooth tissue.

What is laser gum surgery?

Laser gum surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that, as the name suggests, uses a laser to remove bad bacteria and damaged gum tissue from the gum pockets to treat gum disease.


The Major Health Benefits Of Laser Gum Surgery

Why choose Laser gum surgery vs traditional treatments?


The treatment Dr. Boji caries out is less invasive than traditional Gum surgery.


In most cases, for traditional treatment, the patient will:-


Receive anesthesia,


The Gums may require cutting,


Deeping cleaning and scaling is performed, and harmful bacteria removed,


The area may need to be sewn up,


This traditional treatment method is still very beneficial and a great option for many patients, but it has a few downsides, including greater discomfort or pain when healing.

The treatment Dr. Boji performs will not require the gum(s) to be cut.

Another benefit is that the laser is precise enough to only target bad tissue; with traditional surgery, some healthy tissue is often lost as well.


Why will this Help my gum disease?


The system Dr. Boji uses works on a regeneration process, lost bone is encouraged to renew with the aid the laser therapy.


There are many benefits for choosing laser therapy for gum disease


The lasers are used to remove and kill the bacteria from gingival pockets, which reduces gum swelling and bleeding. With the elimination of this bacteria, patients are less likely to need gum surgery afterward


Lasers are more accurate and less invasive than traditional gum surgery. This means that there is a shorter recovery time and that patients will have less anxiety going into treatment.


Lasers are very precise, which means that there will be less pain after the treatment than you expect would with traditional surgery because there are no stitches involved and the healing time is generally faster.

The entire process can usually be completed within a 2-hour appointment. After the surgery, your dentist may conduct a bite check and adjust your bite if needed, eliminating further damage to your teeth.

Patients should experience very little discomfort during and after the procedure.


What is the procedure for me to begin treatment?

The first thing is you will need to come along to see Dr. Boji for a consultation,

he will assess your gum health and determine if you require the treatment alongside it being suitable.

If Dr. Boji advises it is a case to proceed with, we would then book 60-minute appointments, most people need four visits.

This is because we do one section at a time (the mouth is broken down into four areas/quadrants).

At this stage, Dr. Boji will fully explain the procedure.


Are there any symptoms after treatment is completed?


As we mentioned previously the signs and symptoms are normally minimal, but every patient is different.

Some things that you may experience are:-

  • Slight swelling
  • Some bleeding
  • Gum discoloration


Again, Dr. Boji will advise you of the aftercare requirements at home and following treatment. The next treatment is normally booked 7-10 days later to allow healing time.


Is laser gum surgery worth it?

 We have personally seen great results with the laser treatment, the value of the treatment, (approx. £500-£600 per course) is really one to weigh up the cost of losing a tooth/teeth and having to replace them.


Is laser treatment right for me?

The only way to find out is to call us and book an appointment 01273 418404