What will happen on my first visit?

On your first visit to you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist and asked to complete a Medical History form.

Our Patient Care Co-ordinator will conduct a new patient questionnaire with you. This is completed to establish your dental history. It is also used as a platform for you to express any fears or concerns that you may have.

Our patient care co-ordinator will then discuss the findings with our dentist before you are taken through.

During your first consultation our dentist he will carry out a full mouth examination to include:

Radiographs (xrays)

Restoration chart (current fillings etc)

Full pocket chart to determine your gum health.

You will be invited to discuss any issues you would like to address at anytime. Our dentist will then talk you through his findings.

Should you require any treatment, it will be discussed fully with you, all options will be given and a written treatment plan provided along with all relevant information. All of this will then be back up by our receptionist or patient care co-ordinator.


Our aim is to practice minimal intervention dentistry and for you to maintain as much sound tooth tissue as possible.

With all best intentions teeth can still break or a filling come loose. Should a situation arise that requires further treatment it will be fully discussed with you first. We will then provide you with all your options and a detailed treatment plan.

Follow up care

We will advise to see you every six months as standard for a routine examination and cleaning appointment.

During these visits we will continue to monitor existing restorations and gum health.

We have a modern Cavitron machine which is used to clean your teeth, remove plaque/calculus and staining with minimal discomfort.

If our dentist feels you need to attend for extra gum care then this we be discussed and plan set out for you.

Life style and diet advice along with oral Hygiene instruction will also be offered