2D & 3D X-Rays

We are proud to offer three-dimensional and panoramic digital x-rays in-house, providing the most accurate picture of your dental health without delay to your treatment. We also offer 2D x-rays in-house for routine procedures.

About This Treatment

The Cone Beam Computerised Tomography (CBCT) Scanner is described as the gold standard in oral imaging, providing 3D digital and panoramic x-rays of your entire mouth to give the clearest view of your dental health ahead of oral surgery and dental implant treatment.

Your first appointment

During dental imaging you’ll sit upright in a chair, resting your chin on a chinrest. You will be asked to remain still, close your eyes and not swallow during the scan. The CBCT scanner will then rotate around your head, obtaining up to nearly 600 distinct images. The scan is safe, quick and painless, emitting a much lower level of radiation than an analogue x-ray machine.

Cost of Treatment

Consultation from £80 (free for any registered patient into the practice).

From £80 per small segment. Prices vary depending on treatment.

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