Laser Therapy & Gum Disease Treatment

Laser therapy is an advanced treatment used to effectively treat periodontal infections and gum disease among many other dental treatments. The precision treatment aids faster healing and stimulates tissue regeneration.

About This Treatment

Lasers can be used for a range of dental treatments, which include: Melanin gum pigmentation removal, aphthae + ulcer treatment, frenectomy + gingivectomy, disinfection + treatment of peri-implantitis, cavity preparations-fillings. In gum disease treatment a dental laser (we use the Doctor Smile Erbium and Diode laser) is used to target infected gum tissue, removing it from around the tooth to allow the root to be cleaned, removing bacteria and calculus. 

The laser helps to decontaminate the tooth and stimulate the body’s natural healing response, for faster, more effective treatment. It is used to smooth the root surface, removing rough edges that bacteria can cling to and helping to prevent future infections. Laser treatment is also used to stimulate tissue regeneration including bone, peridontal, gingival and hard tooth tissue.

Your first appointment

When you come in for your consultation, your dentist will first assess your teeth and gums and take any necessary scans to determine their health. The results will be discussed and the best course of action will be agreed.

What scans might I get?

Before laser therapy is advised, you will have received a diagnostic x-ray to determine the extent of the infection, as well as a clinical exam of your mouth.

Cost of Treatment

Consultation for all registered practice patients is free of charge. 

For new patients consultation cost is £80.

Treatments from £650 per quadrant. Prices vary depending on treatment.

0% Finance available

Cover the cost of your treatment. It only takes 2 minutes to apply and you’ll get an answer straight away.

Swelling & Infection treated by laser

Before treatment
Half-way through treatment
2 weeks later

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