Digital Smile Makeovers

Digital Smile Design (DSD) combines digital impressions and modelling with surgical and dental procedures to makeover your smile in a bespoke treatment plan.

A Revolution in Cosmetic Dentistry

DSD combines state-of-the-art technology with surgical and dental procedures to makeover your smile. This revolution in cosmetic dentistry allows you to design, view and adapt your smile before any treatment is performed.

All DSD treatment plans are bespoke, and can include:

We also offer Oralift treatment for those looking for a facial lift to complete the makeover.



Your first appointment

When you come in for your consultation, your dentist will first assess your teeth and take any necessary scans.You will discuss your desired outcome and the best treatment plan will be agreed.

Revolutionary Digital Technology

Digital Smile Design is the ultimate revolution in cosmetic dentistry using digital technology to design a smile that perfectly suits your facial features. The digital technology allows for total accuracy.

Intra-Oral Scanner

The MyRay 3Di IOS intra-oral scanner uses a wand to take digital impressions of your mouth, identifying bite, decay and gum health issues and quickly creating a 3D simulation of your teeth and gums.

3D Visualisations

3D visualisations provide a 360 degree picture of your mouth which can then be manipulated to create your ideal smile.

3D Digital Printing

Plastic aligners used to straighten teeth are designed to fit your mouth exactly and created in-house using a 3D digital printer.

Cost of Treatment

Consultation from £80 (free for any registered patient into the practice).

Prices vary depending on treatment.

0% Finance available

Cover the cost of your treatment. It only takes 2 minutes to apply and you’ll get an answer straight away.

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