Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are used to fill the gaps left by missing or excessively decaying teeth, restoring a beautiful, full smile.

About This Treatment

Which treatment you receive will depend on the extent of damage and the desired results. Crowns are most commonly used where there is extensive decay, and bridges where there are missing teeth. A crown is a cap used on damaged, decaying or root canal-treated teeth to protect the remaining healthy tooth from further damage. A fixed bridge places crowns on the teeth on either side of a space and attaches artificial teeth to them. This ‘bridge’ is then cemented into place.

High-spec, strong and natural

At Boundary we use Zirconia and Full Ceramic E-Max crowns. Zirconia or Zirconium is the hardest known ceramic in the dental industry. It produces more natural translucency than porcelain-metal bonded crowns. What’s more, we’ll match the shade of your restoration to your existing teeth as closely as possible.


Zirconia is extremely strong, durable and inflexible under pressure, so it stands up well to the forces of chewing and biting.


Our crowns are non-abrasive, increasing your comfort and minimizing the chances of damage related to friction.


Our crowns are completely biocompatible, meaning that even patients with certain sensitivities or allergies to metal can enjoy them without issue.





Your first appointment

When you come in for your consultation, your dentist will first assess your teeth and take any necessary scans. You will discuss your desired outcome and the best treatment plan will be agreed.

What scans might I get?

To identify the extent of damage and get the full picture of your dental health we will use a 3D x-ray. This will show any damage deep within the teeth as well as on the surface and allow us to provide the most appropriate treatment. You will also receive a full clinical exam.

Cost of Treatment

Consultation from £80 (free for any registered patient into the practice).

From £700 per crown.

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