Routine Dentistry

As well as oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry, we perform all routine dentistry, including fillings, root canal treatments and scale and polish.

What sets as apart


Our extensive experience means all of our dentistry is of the highest standard


All diagnostic tests are performed in-house, ensuring you receive fast and effective treatment


We spend the time and attention you need to provide excellent dental care


Clean, scale and polish

Great hygiene is the key to sparkling, healthy teeth. Regular scale and polish treatments can help to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Our clean, scale and polish will improve the appearance and health of your teeth, by reducing surface stains and removing harmful plaque and tartar.

Prices from £65

Root Canal

Root canal treatment effectively treats infection deep in the tooth’s pulp without affecting the outer layers of the tooth. It eliminates the pain caused by infection while protecting the health of your tooth.

Prices from £500


White composite fillings restore teeth that have become damaged as a result of tooth decay or injury and maintain the natural white appearance of your teeth.

Prices from £170

Fillings By Erbium Laser

Prices from £250


Extractions are necessary when there is excessive damage or decay in a tooth or teeth. They can be performed ahead of receiving dental implants or dental bridges.

Prices from £180

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