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What is Invisalign ?



Have you heard of Invisalign?


Not all children will be able to have braces as a child. One reason is you may not fit the criteria set out by the government funding.


The results of this means there is still many adults in the UK living with the discomfort and issues caused by misaligned or crooked teeth?

Here at Boundary Implant Centre, we can help you by providing alignment treatment. The beauty of Invisalign is that once the device is in position within your mouth, others will not be able to see it due to the materials it is made from.


Invisalign retainers are made by using two sheets of clear plastic. The reason we find patients choose these aligners is because you can go about your normal day and not have to feel aware of having metal brackets in place the treatment that you feel comfortable  and it  really is never too late for you to receive the tooth alignment treatment.


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What is the process ?

To begin with we will need an appointment with our dentist so we can assess your teeth and treatment needs. At this consultation, we will fully examine your teeth so that a suitable course of action and treatment can be recommended to you. This appointment also allows our dental team to take scans or x-rays that will be helpful in the process of creating any aligners that are to be used in your treatment.

The process works by using a series of different aligners through the course of your treatment, each must normally be worn by the patient for 2 or 3 weeks and then replaced with the next required set.


Cases typically last 12- 18 months but it is vital so say each case is different so a mild treatment could be completed much sooner.


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The process not only straightens your teeth and create a more aesthetically appealing look it is important to say that it will also help improve standards in your oral health and hygiene.  This is because crooked teeth are harder to keep clean with can lead to issues such as tooth decay and gum disease, on a more frequent basis.


Is everyone suitable for this type of braces?

If you have a mild to moderate misalignment, overbite, underbite, spacing or overcrowding, then you are likely to benefit from wearing invisible aligners.

There will be cases that sadly it is not possible to do , this is why a consultation is important and should only be done with a trained professional such as dentist or orthodontist

Aren’t they too expensive for most people to afford?

Every case is different but on the whole no it is not the most expensive form of treatment and with our finance plans you are able to spread the cost.

When you begin your journey looking into orthodontic treatments to straighten your smile there are many aspects to consider, including the cosmetic impact on your appearance during the treatment and the length of time it will take to improve your smile.


Are you able to commit to the process for the time required? It is important to say that you will need to do as the dentist says, if that means wearing the retainer for 22 hours a day, you need to be prepared to accept it will be harder work some days than others.


Sticking with it will be worth the wait, never underestimate the importance of feeling proud of your smile.


So is it now time for you to book a consultation to see if the treatment is suitable?


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