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We all live our lives grateful for what we have but at the same time I think we can all admit to taking it for granted.

To be fit and well, for our children to be fit and well and life to be easy(ish)

But what happens when things do not turn out as you had hoped or planned, in one day your life can change forever.

That is what happened the Mistry family.

At 28 weeks pregnant Sarah had to give birth to her daughter.

Ishani was a premature baby, born at 28 weeks weighing only 2lb and not expected to make it through her first night. Against all odds, with the love of her family and the wonderful NHS staff, she pulled through and eventually got to return home with her parents after 3.5 months in hospital.

Now Ishani is 7 years old, beautiful, determined, happy but with many challenges. She is profoundly deaf, severely visually impaired, she has cerebral palsy, a sleep disorder, a movement disorder, epilepsy (experiencing seizures every day since she was 8 months old), she is fed through a feeding tube in her tummy and her multi-sensory impairments often cause her to sensory seek and self-harm. She needs care 24/7, day and night, with supervision from 2 adults.

Ishani’s parents purchased a bungalow in 2019, with the intention of extending it to build a safe and accessible home, so Ishani could continue to live with her family into adulthood. They are building Ishani a series of rooms, connected by hoists, to allow her to move freely between them. She will have a bedroom, wetroom, utility and a play/therapy room to allow her the space she needs to grow, develop, carry out her daily therapies, with dignity and whilst staying safe in the family home. The family are also planning to make their living space open plan, with level access into the garden so Ishani can easily join her family in day to day activities.

Her parents applied to DIY SOS (twice!) but received no reply, so they worked hard to save the majority of money for the build, borrowed money from family, accessed grants for building disabled facilities and were all set to start the renovations. Then they were dealt a devastating blow when the builders quotes came back 50% more than they were originally led to believe the work would cost. COVID, Brexit and soaring costs in the construction industry have all contributed to these debilitating costs, so now the family are having to fundraise to make up the shortfall.

They have now reached out for extra help and we are thrilled to be able to do what we can, it is so important to show kindness and help where and when we can.

We will be running a raffle to help raise funds.

It is great to be able to give back.